When you first hear the phrase Divine Minds, what's the first thought that comes to your head? The point is in this day and age we want you to think. Divine Minds is a collective started out of pain, awakening, and realization but focused on love & positivity. Life can certainly throw some tough experiences your way, and after the sudden and tragic passing away of Anthony Ciccone in 2012; His little brother & friends decided it was time to team up and make a positive impact on others and chase their dreams. Collectively they branded their mindset and lifestyle so they can connect with other like minded individuals who are focused on a positive change. Here at Divine Minds we understand that life isn't always easy. It takes a certain drive and belief in yourself to follow your dreams. This is why we exist! To make a change and ignite the spark in your reality. We believe in motivating you to accomplish your dreams, our dreams just so happen to be to inspire you to start living yours!! Everyday our collective grows larger and larger and is joined by more like minded individuals, step by step, item by item, with your help we can accomplish anything - Much Love

Divine Minds Tribe